Frequently asked questions

Q: How many cups should I drink per day?

As with anything, moderation is the mantra, though MediDate Coffee is 100% caffeine-free and can be enjoyed any time of the day!

Q: How do I brew MediDate Coffee?

1.Bring 8oz of filtered water to the boil

2.Add 1 full tablespoon of MediDate Coffee and stir

3.Boil for a further 1-2 minutes

4.Strain or wait for MediDate Coffee to settle

**You may also use a French Press, Expresso machine or Coffee Percolator**

Q: Why do you call it coffee and not tea?

Because MediDate Coffee is produced in exactly the same way as regular coffee - we roast the seeds and grind them, yielding a smooth, mellow taste that's remarkably similar to regular coffee, only lighter.

Q: Why does it taste lighter than regular coffee?

Because it is 100% caffeine free, and we don't mean decaf (a little known fact: there is still caffeine in decaf).

Q: Does it help you to lose weight?

MediDate Coffee is an excellent addition to a healthy weight loss diet as it's high in dietary fiber, enhancing digestion and reducing food cravings by making you feel fuller for longer.

Q: Does it give you energy like coffee?

The vitamins, minerals and high fiber content in MediDate Coffee supply your body with a natural and steady energy boost, without the spike and subsequent crash you may experience from drinking coffee. No caffeine means your body isn't thrown into a high stress 'fight-or-flight' state and you avoid the caffeine rollercoaster - what goes up must come down!

Q: Is MediDate Coffee safe for pregnant women?

Yes, MediDate Coffee is perfectly safe for pregnant women. Our product is 100% caffeine free and full of healthy nutrients.



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