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This powerful drink is a staple libation in Mediterranean tradition, roasted date seed coffee alternative was known to nourish both body and mind, calming and cleansing the body, while naturally boosting energy levels. 

Our mission is to bring this traditional desert drink, that historically was only prepared by loving grandmas and mothers with a secret, to your own home.

We grow our dates in the rich, highly fertile soils of the dead sea. From our farms to our artisanal roasting, into our bags, and finally into your cup - you will be able to taste that Medidate is potent, flavorful, and infused with love!

Iced Date Latte


Ground Date Seeds

We start off with raw date seeds, harvested for their unique flavor

Next, we soak the seeds and dry them under the sun, before roasting them in our custom-made oven


Finally, just like coffee, we grind the seeds so they are ready for you to brew and enjoy!

Ready for magic?

Purest, most authentic date seed coffee alternative on the market.

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